Voici cinq avantages qu'une relationniste personnelle Intermezzo vous offre :

Personalized Communications

The relationship between matchmaker and member is strengthened by one-on-one communication. This connection ensures concerns are addressed honestly and discreetly while gaining a better understanding of each member’s unique needs.

Candid Impressions

Intermezzo matchmakers are confidantes entrusted with precious information. They provide members with valuable feedback to help them make a good impression on their dates. Acting as a neutral intermediary on behalf of each member, they can help maximize the opportunity for a rewarding relationship.

Relationship expertise

Intermezzo matchmakers possess years of experience in human relations. With a firm understanding of each member’s desires, hopes, and wants, they are well positioned to hand pick the right candidates for matching for each and every member.

The Art of Discovery

People are often blindsided by pre-conceived ideas or behaviours that can be self-defeating. Intermezzo matchmakers are adept at helping individuals confront these obstacles to their happiness.

Sage Advice and Coaching

Intermezzo matchmakers are impartial facilitators who can provide members with sound relationship advice and/or coaching.