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The 3 major differences between online dating and meeting through a matchmaker – Intermezzo Montreal


You're single and you've been meeting people through online dating sites. You've been doing it for quite some time and still have not met the right person. Maybe the time has come to look into a different way of doing things.

Dating sites don't have your best interests at heart, in fact, the longer your profile lingers in their database, the more money they make. While they grow, you spend hours sifting through profiles hoping to find the needle in the haystack. Time is passing.

On the other hand your matchmaker has your happiness at heart. She wants you to meet someone that you will want to see over and over again and build a relationship with. Here are 3 differences that could make you consider using a professional to work with you in the most important aspect of your life.

1) You will not have to spend hours searching online. There are so many profiles, at the end of it all, you end up looking at pictures and quickly discarding those that seem unappealing. On the other hand your matchmaker will hand pick your potential matches and present them to you in a professional manner.

2) You will definitely meet people who don't resemble their online profile. More than 70% of all profiles contain at least one incorrect bit of information such as age, height, weight, marital status. On the other hand, your matchmaker will give you real, verified information about the person you are about to meet. No more getting involved and subsequently finding out that the wonderful guy is married!

3) You will not be exposed to risks. Who are you really agreeing to meet up with? Is it safe? In most cases it will be perfectly safe but in some cases it won't be. Do you want to be the exception? When you use the services of a matchmaker she will insure that all necessary background checks have been done and that you will meet in all safety.

Your love life and your health are the two most important aspects of your life. Your consult a medical doctor when you have health issues and you should give your love life the same importance and put it in the competent hands of a certified matchmaker.


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