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Are all the good men taken? – Intermezzo weighs in

I am often asked: '' are all the good men taken ?''. To start, let me give my take on what constitutes a good man: he is intelligent, accomplished, trustworthy and acts like a real gentleman. He is interested in what you are passionate about and he is quite interesting himself. There are plenty of great guys out there, but why are you not meeting any of them?

The answer is quite simple: you are looking up instead of looking straight ahead. I know... you are not capable of dating a man who measures 5'7''. You've tried. It's just something that you can't consider, especially since your heels are so important in your life. You may have tried a long time ago, but the guy that you dated was a jerk and you just decided that all guys his size are just as bad. Oddly, this rule does not apply to taller men.

Let me posit, dear average height ladies (+- 5'4''), that you are most likely putting a wall between yourself and a successful and loving relationship. Why not consider dating a man who is one inch taller or even the same height as yourself... notice that I didn't even dare mention a little shorter, like Ms. Kidman pictured above.

Give yourself a chance, let down the barriers and then you can decide if you want to put the stilettos in storage or better still wear them because a confident man really doesn't care... au contraire!

Joan S. Paiement

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