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Do dating sites really help you meet someone?

The recent troubles of a Canadian dating site, now made famous thanks to the actions of some Web pirates, are causing many to ask just what is this industry hiding from us.

Among other things, this sad saga tells us that the site hosted many, many more male profiles than female; an impressive proportion of 2,500 men per woman! So is it like that everywhere else? What are the real chances of meeting someone?

A game of smoke and mirrors

The business model of a dating site is as follows:
The longer your profile stays on the site and generates activity, the more money the organization makes. The site needs a maximum of both profiles and online action to attract advertisers.

Therefore, the less people you meet, the greater the payout. Add into the mix the monthly fees paid by members subscribing to a package, and it all becomes clear.

What’s more, a recent article published in Glamour magazine reveals that 10% of the profiles displayed on these sites are completely made up and used for the purposes of sales or fraud…

So is it a game worth playing?

Furthermore, you should know that dating sites are ideal for those wanting to commit identity theft. Another lesson coming out of this story: deactivated profiles are not eliminated from the database. And that’s not counting the large number of people who take screen shots to use for various purposes of their own.

Come to think of it, can you ever be certain of who is actually hiding behind a given profile, even one that seems very attractive? How can you be sure the person is not in a relationship already, or simply on the lookout for occasions to sell something or commit fraud? Or worse still, that he or she doesn’t even exist?

The solution: an authentic matchmaker

So when you get right down to it, either you lose precious time going through doubtful profiles on a site that really has no interest in you actually meeting someone… or you conduct your business with a professional matchmaker, a person of integrity who has your interests at heart.

It’s a bit like the lottery: a couple of winners each month looks good in the news, but it’s the losers that allow the organization to make its money. Do you really want your love life to play out like a lottery?

Think about it.


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