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“Do you organize events for singles?” – Intermezzo Montreal – Dating for professional men and women

As president of Intermezzo Montréal I am often asked whether we organize events for singles. The answer is a resounding NO.

Confidentiality is one of the pillars of our dating agency. Attempting to expose our members to a group of 200 or 300 people would result in failure.  But beyond the need for confidentiality, these types of events can produce disastrous outcomes for singles.

With the collaboration of members who were interested in such an event, Intermezzo tested the format a few years ago. Both male and female participants reported a sense of uneasiness in that unnatural situation. They felt scrutinized, analyzed and judged. The proverbial ¨meat market¨ aroused the fear of rejection and it became difficult for people to relax. There were those who also felt awkward when they spotted coworkers in the group.

In the end, singles who became members of our dating agency to avoid seeking a life partner in bars found the experience of a singles’ event worse than the bar scene. People were simply curious about who would show up and rarely went beyond the superficial.

After a few attempts no couples were formed and singles told us that these events were more of a nightmare than their online dating experiences.

In conclusion our signature matchmaking method provides a context that is more natural and conducive to new relationships. At least that is the testimony from our happy matches!

Joan S. Paiement

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