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Love with a professional… Is it harder to find?


A major daily recently published a short piece on millionaire bachelors looking for true love, who were willing to take unusual steps to find it. According to the article, locating that soul sister is worth a great deal since, like the rare pearl, true love is not easy to find. Intermezzo has looked into this question.

True love vs. the big money...
Do they go together?

The article in question revealed that millionaires are in fact much like everybody else: they are looking for an authentic relationship with a partner who has the right values. Except that they can’t help their millionaire status showing through above all else – or the fact that they are willing to pay for what they are looking for! You’d have to think that an approach like that is only going to attract women motivated by the cash, wouldn’t you? So what do we know about such men, apart from the fact of their millions?

At Intermezzo, although the agency does target successful professionals, a person’s bank account is not among our selection criteria. According to Intermezzo Montréal president and certified matchmaker Joan Paiement:

Joan_110x137To select a prospect on the basis of his or her asset value is a method destined to fail. Regardless of an individual’s fortune, everyone is really looking for human qualities before assets. Each person is dreaming about developing a lasting relationship based on true love and solid values. So money has nothing to do with success in love. Intermezzo might target a well-heeled clientele, but none of our members wish to have introductions made on the basis of being in the elite moneyed class. Rather, we put the emphasis on a person’s qualities and interests, because we aim for results that are serious and long-lasting. ”

As for the costs involved in employing a matchmaking service, Ms. Paiement notes that a clientele with the means to do so will not hesitate to spend in order to meet the right date; professionals generally have very busy agendas leaving them little time for social activities. That doesn’t mean they consider finding love and the possibility of growing old in the company of a close companion any less important than other facets of life. They simply prefer to pay for a professional service rather than waste time with a more than dubious Internet-based service.

So what makes the elite tick?

Finding the ideal partner is no easy task. All sorts of criteria enter into the mix. Some might be shared by everyone (after all, who doesn’t want a good-looking partner who enjoys good health and perhaps wealth as well), while others are personal choices (such as the chemistry between two people, which doesn’t uniquely depend at all on these basic criteria).

Ms. Paiement sums up the expectations of her clientele by the WOW factor.
She also chimes in with the following observation :

“Regardless of whether it’s a man or woman, in the first place everybody is looking for good looks and a first date that says WOW. After that, my clientele is looking for a healthy mix of the right values, lifestyle and future goals.”

Matchmaking that’s worth the price!

Knowing all that, how do you go about finding the person who will start the heart of a professional single beating faster? At Intermezzo, all our matchmakers have had certified training that they put into practice with rigour and conviction. The agency has an excellent reputation. We could claim that our success rate is very high. But let Ms. Paiement provide some home truths about this famous success rate, so dearly vaunted by the agency’s competitors:

“It’s ridiculous for an agency to boast a high rate of love matches when the criteria are so many, so varied, and out of the agency’s control. Once a date has taken place and a match concluded, what follows is up to the individuals concerned, not the agency. If the date leads to a lasting relationship that continues to evolve for both partners, it will be the result of their own involvement and effort.
Intermezzo’s responsibility is the WOW factor; what comes after is up to the candidates themselves.”

To conclude on the subject of successful matchmaking, Joan Paiement notes that her agency’s longevity speaks for itself. Intermezzo Montréal had a genuine street address and prospered well before the arrival of online dating sites. The agency has since survived the phenomenon as well, and is now enjoying a period of growth while the websites, even the free ones, are slowly becoming less popular. The recipe for success? Emphasizing what candidates actually want: a serious, open-minded person of good appearance, with the right values. To be a member of a dating agency, of course one must spend something; but money has never been – and at Intermezzo never will be – a selection criterion for finding one’s true love.

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