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How to meet the right person is not as easy as it may appear. Lots of our members tell us that they don't have trouble meeting people but meeting the right one seems to be the problem. Our members are educated, open minded and very active in their social circles. They meet lots of people but usually not the ones that they are looking for.

In fact since we mostly maintain our usual ways of meeting others, we run the risk of running into the same types of profiles over and over again. A new member recently told me that she had met several men on dating websites. She found it deplorable that the majority had lied about one thing or another on their presentation, worse yet, some were married!

For the last year, I have been trying to convince Philippe, divorced and 44 years old to sign up at Intermezzo. Like many of his male counterparts, he argued that it was easy to meet - and that he did. He told me that he had dated some really great looking girls that he met in bars however, the ones that were not only good looking but also active and financially stable seemed to be inexistent.

He ultimately told me that he had met hundreds of women in the last year but... not the one that he was looking for, the one that he wanted to establish a long term relationship with.

Several days after becoming a member we introduced him to Isabelle. So far, it appears that things are going well. Our fingers are crossed!

Hence, it is wise to consider using the best way to meet someone: be introduced! Come and discover what a certified matchmaker can do for you. She will work for you and put the right person directly on your path.

Joan S. Paiement

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