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 The number of single men and women in Quebec is very high. Despite what the statistics say, I meet people every day who are looking to change their relationship status. These singles want to share their life with a serious partner. Typically clients call for an appointment to learn more about matchmaking after they have wasted numerous hours sifting through online profiles or meeting people that are nothing like what they’ve described online. These professionals don’t hang out in bars so they are looking for alternatives. Yet, in many cases after clients have called to book an appointment with Intermezzo something unexplainable happens leading to last-minute cancellations. This occurrence is most common with men. What is that about?

 Though the art of bringing people together has been around for a long time, hiring a professional is still a relatively new approach for many. So rather than taking the step towards understanding how this specialized service can assist them, men tend to repeatedly put off the process that ultimately can lead them to achieving their goal of being in relationship.

 Dispelling the top 3 matchmaking myths:

 Myth 1 – I am not ready for a relationship. If you’re using this as an excuse to keep certain people away, beware of the consequences. You may be eliminating the possibility for a great introduction that could change your life, but you’ll never know because people perceive you as not being serious. But, if you truly don’t feel ready there are a number of things you can do. Prepare to meet the right person by putting the focus on YOU. This may seem counterintuitive but think about it. Take the first steps and watch your life change for the better.

 Myth 2 – Only individuals who have a difficult time meeting people use this service. It’s  not my case. Professionals like to surround themselves by other professionals to prevent wasting precious time that can be used more productively elsewhere. Confidentiality is often a major concern as well. Matchmaking provides opportunities to meet other successful people who have the same goals.

 Myth 3 – Matchmaking is not a natural way to meet. There is nothing more natural than an introduction by someone who knows both parties. Introductions are based on both individuals’ criteria so that ensures a basic consistency. Give serendipity a little boost!

 If you are looking to change your relationship status from single to in a relationship, be proactive in taking the necessary steps to achieve your goal.

Natacha Beatty, Certified Matchmaker

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