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Is my relationship over ? 5 clues to help you find out – Intermezzo Montreal

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You've been a couple for quite some time now and you have been saying to yourself - is my relationship over ?  Here are 5 important clues that will help you come to the realization that the time may have come for you  to move on.

1) You are not having sex: long gone are the days when you had passionate sex, in fact you're not having sex at all. You're avoiding both the occasions and the subject itself.

2) You don't spend much time together: you prefer an evening out with the girls (or guys) over an intimate dinner, that business trip out of town suddenly seems quite appealing although you usually hate airports and taking the red-eye.

3) You don't communicate anymore: something major happens to you at the office and you absolutely have to tell someone about it -  your reflex is to call your best buddy rather than your partner. In fact the idea of calling him or her doesn't even cross your mind.

4) You argue constantly: you are not agreeing on anything whatsoever. Be it choosing background music to how to raise the kids, you just don't seem to see things eye to eye and usually your discussions end up in a big fight.

5) You don't show affection: you don't feel like holding your partner's hand, touching, exchanging glances when you're in a group. Your mind is elsewhere, not focused on the both of you, in fact thinking about it just puts you in a bad state of mind.

If you relate to these 5 situations it is probably about time for you to admit that ''it's over'' and start taking the necessary measures to get out of your comfort zone and find the relationship that you truly deserve.

Natacha Beatty, Certified Matchmaker


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