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You are accomplished, sociable and good looking yet you are still single. You have absolutely no trouble meeting people, in fact, that's all you do! You meet them at work, in bars, cocktails, during sporting activities and business functions. Yet, you have not met the ''right one''! You turn to the dating sites and with each click you become more and more discouraged. False profiles beget false hopes and deceptions set in. You spend hours sifting through profiles with a lingering amount of doubt... is that person really single?  Is that profile picture real? Could that personal have a shady past?

Dating websites have made it easy for people to easily reject profiles without even giving them a second look as they remain eager to find someone better, someone perfect.

Enter the matchmaker who will do for you what no one else can. The matchmaker will get to know you objectively and will help you clearly define your desires. Then she will introduce you to people especially chosen for you and will lend an attentive ear to listen to you and keep you focused on your objective until it is attained.

For some people, introductions may seem old, but old doesn't mean outdated! In fact using a matchmaker nowadays is the ''cool'' thing to do!


Joan S. Paiement, Certified Matchmaker

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We offer you a variety of customized packages

Exclusive matchmaking service
Intermezzo Classic

Exclusive matchmaking service with access to the Intermezzo VIP service with your own matchmaker

Exclusive dating service with certified master matchmaker Joan Paiement, access to the Intermezzo Private section.

One of our matchmakers will be pleased to give you more information about our different services.

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