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The Dating Game. It’s Easier to Win With The Right Coach.

A woman sent her husband to the butcher to purchase a roast beef while she shopped for other items in the grocery store. When the butcher recommended a certain cut, the husband said he needed to consult with his wife. After doing so he returned to the butcher with instructions. The butcher, sensing that something was amiss, asked to speak with the wife. The patient husband found his wife hiding in one of the aisles and told her she was being summoned by the butcher.

The butcher presented the woman with the roast and asked if she knew how to cook it. “Of course,” she said without conviction. Being an intuitive fellow, the butcher asked her a test question, which she failed to correctly answer. Without feeling judged, the woman eagerly listened to the passionate butcher explain the proper cooking instructions.

The roast was the best I have ever served, and my dinner party was a big success. Yes, I am the woman in the story. I confess I was embarrassed to seek professional advice for something I felt I should be able to accomplish on my own. We all have preconceptions that prevent us from getting the results we truly want. And most of us fear being vulnerable; the risk much too great.

These preconceptions and fears are quite pronounced when it comes to consulting a dating agency. The decision to consult with one can be daunting for many people. Some book appointments made in a moment of decisiveness; then don’t show up. Others use excuses to cancel appointments, promising to reschedule as soon as they are available, but are rarely heard from again. Magically, numerous people no longer need professional matchmaking services soon after booking an appointment; they’ve met the love of their life. During consultations many admit they turned back a number of times before drawing up the courage to cross the threshold. People are plagued by the notion that resorting to a dating agency is an act of desperation. Believing this myth results in some singles spending their free time alone, or hanging out in bars being accosted by strangers, and even turning to dating sites where more strangers lurk. How unfortunate to deny themselves the opportunity to date quality people and find the right person by hiring the services of a professional. Free time is a precious resource. Why waste it on activities that yield frustration, hopelessness, and poor results when a professional can be sought to provide advice, much like a financial advisor, an accountant, a lawyer…or even your friendly neighbourhood butcher.

If you are single and not getting the dating results you want, consider hiring the services of a professional dating agency. Learn what questions you need to ask by reading Dating Agencies: What You Need To Know. You will recognize the reputable agencies by their experience, track record, and above all, their passion; they understand and genuinely care about their members. If you are a single man or woman contemplating your next move, put dating agency at the top of your list to find the right person.

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