Joan S. Paiement

Joan S. Paiement

Certified Master Matchmaker
Life Coach
Dating Coach

Joan Paiement has premonitory dreams. After attending university and successfully graduating with honours, she remembers that one of her most persistent dreams was when she saw herself on the floor of the Montreal Stock Exchange. Destiny led her to become General Manager and Chief Financial Officer, Human Ressources and Technology of this same institution.

Her other dream was rather related to human nature and mainly the social behavior of individuals. Once again, after brilliant studies in psychology, Joan finds herself at Intermezzo, of course, as President but also as Certified Master Matchmaker, Life Coach and Dating Coach. But frankly, all this is not just a dream. It is above all a great success driven by a passion to help people find love. Do you have a dream? You should speak with Joan, results guaranteed.

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